Reduce your liability with well placed, state-of-the-art security monitoring systems

Whether your organization is a small family-owned start-up or an exceedingly complex operation, Secure Space can help you manage the risks, 24/7, no matter where you are.

Across the globe, the power of high resolution security camera systems and live monitoring are being harnessed by governments and businesses to protect and secure everything from in-house data centers to large sprawling institutional campuses and complex office environments.  A well-engineered, networked solution provides efficient management and significantly diminishes your organization’s vulnerability. This affordable solution is sure to reduce your liability and provide much needed answers in times of crisis.

Multiple locations, simplified monitoring

All of your locations, regardless of how geographically separated they are, can be accessed by you and your risk management officer. Whether you have small branch offices with minimal monitoring equipment or multiple warehouses with 24-hour shifts, you can have real time visual access; your personal impact on any given situation is only a phone call or a text message away.

With our high resolution, state-of-the-art monitoring systems, we can immediately notify you of any threat or situation that may be taking place on your property in real time. We can see your entire property at a glance, enabling us to zero in on exactly where a situation may need your attention or the services of law enforcement. Although you may have security personnel, our monitoring services are like a virtual guard – everywhere, all the time.  We provide the timeliest notification in the event of a security breach, when just a few minutes can make all the difference in risk management.

When we are monitoring your property, if we see any sign of suspicious activity, we will immediately notify you and take appropriate action.


“The Secure Space staff works hand in hand with us in managing our security and surveillance needs and maintaining our camera system.  They respond immediately and coordinate with law enforcement when we need them.  Secure Space goes above and beyond to ensure our safety and security and I would definitely recommend them to any Community’s HOA.”

– Scott Wolter, President
Plantation Oaks Homeowner’s
Association, Ponte Vedra Beach