Our investigative services division incorporates cutting edge technology and proven strategies

At Secure Space, we have built a strong reputation for delivering consistently superior results to our clients in a timely fashion. When you need factual information, you can feel confident that our Investigative Services Division will deliver. Our field staff includes a team of seasoned investigators with the most sought after skills and experience in the industry. We employ the latest technologies in the field and in our operations, resulting in high-resolution digital video documentation as well as professionally produced investigative reports that are thorough and clearly articulated. In addition, our skillfully conducted interviews and our experience providing sworn testimony, in and out of the courts, will help facilitate the successful pursuit of prosecution or resolution of your case.

Workforce Risk – Reduce Liability And Increase Productivity

You do all you can to hire great people. And chances are you’ve done a good job. Still, statistics show that much of an organization’s risk is centered around its workforce. It’s important for you to know that the mutual trust you share with your employees is well placed. Your employees deserve a safe workplace and you have the right to expect employees to adhere to safety procedures. Your staff needs access to important company data and you expect your company’s need for privacy to be honored. Your proprietary information should always be handled appropriately.  If ever there is doubt, turn to Secure Space as your investigative resource.

Accidents Can Happen

Injuries and accidents in the workplace are often preventable. Secure Space uses creative workplace monitoring to assist you in assuring that safety protocol is consistently followed. If an accident occurs, details of the event can be easily reviewed, preventing similar incidents in the future. Our accident investigation methods are sure to provide all the answers you need. In addition, our workers’ compensation investigative team has an unsurpassed record of success that has saved our clients tens of millions of dollars.

Crime Prevention – Reducing the Uncertainty

We are experts in fraud and theft prevention and no one is better equipped to guide you through the recovery process if a violation should occur.



“Secure Space offers a strategic perspective on risk management.

Our innovative approach to liability reduction is proactive and comprehensive and begins with a thorough, all-inclusive risk assessment.”