Your access control system is a critical tool in protecting your property

Whether you have a small local company or a national logistics operation, it’s likely that you have valuable items on your premises: materials, files, computer systems, product inventory, etc. That’s why it’s vitally important that only the appropriate individuals have access to your premises.

Our access control systems give you a high level of protection and flexibility. Using a security key pad or a card swipe device, you have complete control over who is allowed inside your buildings and restricted areas. You can even indicate specific time periods when certain individuals are allowed access, such as employees working rotating shifts, or a cleaning service being allowed access at a certain time for janitorial purposes. If an employee has been terminated or suspended, their access to your premises can be immediately revoked.   Your staff can manage these services or we can manage them for you.

Perhaps you have sensitive areas that should only be accessed by specific team members; we can design a system whereby only the right individuals have access to certain areas of your property.

If you have multiple locations, it’s extremely easy to provide an employee who has access to one location access to another location, either with additional permissions on a key card or access to the security key code for entrance.