We have a reputation as an industry leader in risk management solutions

Founded in 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida, and formerly known as MMCI, Secure Space, LLC began as a one-man operation and has become a successful business whose organic growth has been fueled by word-of-mouth referrals in the many industries we serve. We are proud to act as a risk management partner to our ever-expanding client base.

Michael Clarke, Founder

Michael Clarke, Jacksonville, Florida is a highly trained security and investigative expert.  His years of law enforcement and investigative experience, combined with his extensive background in computer technology and electronics, led to the natural progression of founding Secure Space, LLC.

Michael’s skills are diverse and comprehensive. During his time in the United States Air Force, he developed expert technological proficiency.  As a Team Chief for the Air Force, he managed the installations of multimillion dollar guidance systems at military facilities around the world.

Upon leaving the Air Force, Michael continued his career as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer.  His advanced training in criminal investigation and anti-terrorism resulted in years of successful criminal investigations.

While working as a Federal Agent, Michael served as Team Leader of Protection Specialists, providing protective services for NATO Commanders, diplomats and dignitaries as well as many members of the U.S. Government, in various classified operations throughout Europe.  He was also chosen for special assignments that included full time personal security for the commander at Kaiserslautern, the world’s largest U.S. Military community, as well as various classified assignments supporting U.S. Marshal Service and local security support for two Presidential visits.

Since 1992, Michael has pursued his passion for public and organizational safety in the private sector as a licensed investigator serving the insurance industry.  His instinct and intuition, coupled with his attention to detail and his ability to articulate findings, has earned him a strong reputation for delivering consistently superior results.  As a security professional, he uses his wide-ranging skills and broad perspective in the design of custom video camera systems that address risk-management challenges in a variety of environments.  His clients include private gated communities and small businesses, as well as huge industrial warehouses and complex port facilities.

Michael’s use of emerging technologies and innovative products allow for monitoring assets in real time, and for immediate incident response to any crisis.  By successfully assessing and minimizing a variety of threats to corporations as well as non-profit organizations and private businesses, Michael has helped save his clients tens of millions of dollars.


“Our security camera system has not only protected our personnel and assets, but has also led to the prosecution of two criminal incidents occurring on or near our property.”

– Shirley Webb,
Executive Director,
Women’s Center of Jacksonville